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Thank you for taking the first step to become a Garden Organic member!

Setting up your membership via our online registration process is quick and simple, but if you do have any questions our Customer Services team can help, you’ll find their number on each page.

Membership Recipient

To start, please select the type of membership you would like from the options below.

Garden Organic Memberships


Cost: £2.75 - (Monthly)

Cost: £33.00 - (Annually)


Cost: £2.25 - (Monthly)

Cost: £27.00 - (Annually)


Cost: £3.75 - (Monthly)

Cost: £45.00 - (Annually)

You can choose from one of our other memberships that we offer:

Other Memberships


Cost: £1.50 - (Monthly)

Cost: £18.00 - (Annually)

Only available with Garden Organic membership. If you are an existing Garden Organic member please log in and select the Memberships option.

Payment Method

If you have no preference over your payment method we would ask that you consider choosing monthly Direct Debit payments. Direct Debit is the most efficient way for us to receive payments, meaning that the money you donate goes further to support our charitable activities. Thank you.

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