Long Lane GP surgery_Leicestershire Master Gardeners

Leicestershire Master Gardeners establishes GP Surgery Garden

Leicestershire Master Gardeners have had their first success with establishing a General Practice Surgery Garden and hope that this will act as a flagship for others who are currently thinking about or planning their own gardens.

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Celebrate National Allotments Week

It's National Allotment Week - time to celebrate your achievements as an organic grower!

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Tips to keep your plants healthy when on holiday

Going away?  But worried about how your plants will survive without you?  Read on for tips on how to keep things growing .....

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Top 3 plants to grow for bees

The best plants to attract bumblebees have been revealed, after gardeners across the country (from the Orkneys to the Scillies) used an app to record bee sightings.

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Triodos bank

Triodos Bank leads UK ethical finance ranking

Triodos Bank has been named as a leader of a group of ‘vibrant ethical alternatives’ in the UK finance sector by an independent research body. Triodos topped Ethical Consumer’s rankings for several products, including its new personal current account, cash ISAs and ethical investment options. By choosing to bank with Triodos your money can support our work. Simply open a Triodos Current Account, and if you are a new Triodos customer, when your balance reaches £100 they’ll donate £40 to Garden Organic.

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Water shortage in the garden?

Even if you don't remember the drought of 1976, you are probably aware of the current water shortages across England.  With the forecast due for a dry July, here below are some tips for the organic gardener.

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One man and his organic plot August 2018

One man & his organic plot - July 2018

It’s been a strange growing season in many ways for Chris. The late cold spring didn't get things off to the best start for him and now with the heat, it's a low yield season. Normally such a reliable crop, it’s been more of a walk than a run this year!

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A call to save the UK's wild flower meadows

Plantlife and the Magnificent Meadows partnership have published the Grasslands Action Plan, calling on government to play a part in protecting ancient meadows and committing to help restore 120,000 more hectares.

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Bumblebees fare better in urban areas rather than on agricultural land

Research has shown that bumblebee colonies in urban areas not only produce more offspring than those on agricultural land, but have more food stores, fewer invasions from parasitic “cuckoo” bumblebees, and survive for longer.

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EU organic regulations revised and adopted

After many years of discussion and negotiation, the revised EU Organic Regulations have been officially adopted.

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