Policy & Campaigning

Policy & Campaigning

Since 1958, Garden Organic has worked to protect the rich, interdependent, diverse life that makes up our gardens and growing spaces. We set up practical projects that make a difference, we educate and inspire growers, we conserve endangered varieties and we lobby for change. And we will continue to do so.

Plant Reproductive Materials - EU Regulation Proposals

Our Heritage Seed Library is under threat from major organisations including the large seed producers, who are trying to get new legislation through European Parliament. Find out more here.

Pollinator threat

The Bee Heard campaign, since its launch last year, has seen a continuing drive towards lobbying MPs and the Government to take action to protect UK bee populations. For further information see Pollinators and Neonicotinoids

Greening the Garden Industry

An initiative to develop a green labelling scheme for the garden centre industry to guide and support gardener’s choice, to promote organic gardening and to highlight sustainable practices within the gardening industry sector.